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For Staff GM Commands. Empty For Staff GM Commands.

Post by Blaze on Sun Jun 30, 2013 7:17 am

These are some standard GM commands if you don't know them.

!spawn <id> <amount> spawns mobs.

!item <id> <amount> spawns items.

!giftnx <ign> <amount> gives nx.

!giveep <ign> <amount> gives event points.

!givevp <ign> <amount> gives vote points.

!cleardrops Clears all items in the map.

!chattype Changes chat from white to black.

!dc <ign> Disconnects the player.

!whereami Tells you where you are.

!reloadallmaps Reloads maps.

!killall Kills all mobs in the map.

!notice Types a message to the whole server.

!cheaters Tells you suspected cheaters

!online Tells you how many players are online.

!ban <ign> <reason> Bans player with a reason.

!warphere <ign> Warps the player to you.

!warp <ign> Warps to the player.

!say Sends a message to everyone in the server.

!warpmap <id> Warps all players in the map your in to the map id.


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